Calgary Business Lawyer Kristine Kennedy



Franchise Law, Buying or Selling a Business, Commercial Agreements, and Employee Workplace Investigations

Education: B.A., LL.B.

  • University of Western Ontario, B.A. (Hons)
  • University of Calgary, LL.B.
  • Corporate Commercial Law
  • Franchise Law
  • Buying or Selling a Business
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Employee Workplace Investigations

Kristine is business lawyer who spent ten years practicing with large law firms in Calgary, and another decade working as in-house counsel with a couple of Calgary’s large oil & gas pipeline companies.

Early in her legal career, Kristine decided that she preferred to help her clients proactively prevent problems rather than spend time on trying to fix a problem after it had occurred. With a view to minimizing legal disputes, Kristine focused on developing her listening and drafting skills. She believes that when you listen to your clients, and do your best to reflect what they are communicating by drafting clear and precise agreements and policies, you provide your client with a valuable service and help them avoid future issues.

While in private practice, Kristine focused primarily on corporate financing and related commercial transactions. The in-house experience provided her an opportunity to expand her expertise to areas such as business sales and acquisitions, construction and procurement agreements, regulatory and policy drafting, as well as pension, employment and labour matters.

Kristine would be pleased to assist you with your corporate commercial matters. She will help you set up your new business corporation. She will work with you to ensure your rights and obligations are clear if you are entering into a franchise business or other business arrangement. She can help you to buy or sell an operating business. And, if your business is already up and running, Kristine can help you to draft or revise your policies and agreements to protect your interests.

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