British Columbia Real Estate Law

Trust the legal team at Mainwood Legal Services to handle your BC real estate purchase, sale, or mortgage.   With a member of the Law Society of British Columbia on our team, and nearly a decade of experience in BC real estate transactions, we’re a Calgary based law firm that is uniquely qualified to provide you with real estate legal services for both Alberta and British Columbia.

Our goal is to simplify and expedite your transaction process.  We register BC real estate transactions electronically from our offices right here in Calgary, we are lawyers qualified to handle both the Alberta and BBC sides of your real estate transactions.  For residents moving from Alberta to BC, that allows us to be your one stop shop for your move, we can handle both deals in just one sitting at our Calgary office.

Real Estate Legal Services we provide in both BC and Alberta include:

  • Purchasing, refinancing, or selling your home in Alberta or property in British Columbia,
  • Private sales
  • Commercial property transactions,
  • Transfers of Land,
  • Mortgages (both from financial institutions and private lenders)

Make your next Real Estate Transaction as straightforward and painless as possible. Contact Brent Mainwood at or 403-720-2712, ext 3008.

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