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Don’t let the government decide your future. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to start your Estate Planning today, making decisions about both the financial and non-financial aspects of your life.

While it can seem daunting, and really, who wants to think that far in advance, we know that Estate Planning secures not just your family’s future, but your peace of mind knowing that your loved ones, and your assets, will be taken care of in the manner that you wish them to be. To assist with your Estate Plan, Mainwood Legal, offers services to help with:

Wills: ensuring your assets are passed to the people and charities important to you, including who will be your children’s guardian (if needed), and what your funeral arrangements will be,

Power of Attorney: appointing someone to take care of your finances if you are, for whatever reason, unable to while you are still living,

Personal Directive (AKA: Living Will): appoints someone to make decisions about your personal matters, particularly with “end of life” choices, and

Grant of Probate: helping the person you wish (and appointed in your will) to carry out your wishes, your “Executor”.

In the event that you do not develop a will (although we know that by reading this, you won’t let that happen), Mainwood Legal is able to help an individual who has been specified by law to apply for a Grant of Administration, ensuring that they have the ability to look after your assets and property.

It is important to remember that designating someone as your Executor (or someone being appointed as Administrator) is a large task as they must ensure all outstanding debts are paid, gather all assets and property of estates, notify financial institutions, prepare tax returns and distribute the estate to beneficiaries. Make sure that you appoint an individual you trust and who is willing to be your Executor.



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