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When it comes to Family Law, Divorce or common law separation, Mainwood Legal understands that no one truly wins. We are simply here to help you through a stressful and challenging time, helping you make crucial decisions to move forward with your new life, with the people and property you deserve to have in it.

Make sure you have the right team standing beside you, protecting your needs, finances, and assets. Simply put, YOUR FUTURE.

Our Family Law services team is ready to assist you with:

  • Divorce, both uncontested and contested, negotiating settlements outside of the court system,
  • Guardianship,
  • Parenting issues,
  • Child support, ensuring that your children have their best interests looked after,
  • Spousal support (including non-married partners), understanding who pays (if anyone), how much, when, and so forth,
  • Fair division of property,
  • Separation Agreement,
  • Divorce Judgment, and
  • Referring third party intervention if required (i.e. going through the court process).


Your children will be your most crucial factor in a divorce settlement. We help guide you through understanding child custody, parenting issues, who will be the parent the children live with on a regular basis, how often each parent gets to see the children, who is responsible for child support (and how much), as well as what will be in the best interest of your children. In such a trying time, know that Mainwood Legal is here to help you, in the easiest, most cost effective manner possible.

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